• Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelMedia and Technology

    The Dozen Ds That Drive Israel’s Propaganda 

    Apr 17, 2024Rami G. Khouri

    The past six months of Israeli-Palestinian warfare have witnessed levels of military ferocity, human suffering, societal destruction, and mass political activi…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelMedia and Technology

    Gaza as Ground Zero for Israel’s Border Technology

    Feb 1, 2024Heba Gowayed

    More than a node in a global system of border apartheid, Gaza has become ground zero for Israel’s carceral and military technology that is marketed to other st…

  • Viewpoint
    Palestine/IsraelMedia and Technology

    Disinformation and Hate Speech on Social Media Contribute to Inciting War Crimes Against Gaza

    Oct 13, 2023Tamara Kharroub

    During major events like violent conflict, there is a vacuum of verified and accurate information, as well as high interest and emotions. As the fog of war and…

  • Intern Corner
    TunisiaDemocracy and Governance

    Disinformation as a Tool of Regime Survival in Tunisia

    Jul 21, 2023C. Ian DeHaven

    Disinformation—false information created with the intent to mislead others—swamped the 2019 Tunisian presidential election, creating a confused and volatile po…

  • Policy Analysis
    IranMedia and Technology

    Information Controls in Iranian Cyberspace: A Soft War Strategy

    May 23, 2022Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies

    While the Islamic Republic of Iran undoubtedly uses cyberspace for censorship and surveillance of its citizens, including cyber warfare to damage information s…

  • Policy Analysis
    Media and Technology

    Mapping Digital Authoritarianism in the Arab World

    Feb 3, 2022Tamara Kharroub

    The Arab uprisings of 2011 gave rise to a utopian vision of information and communication technologies (ICTs), highlighting their abilities to bypass governmen…

  • Policy Analysis
    Media and Technology

    Between Conflicts, Politics, and COVID-19: Challenges for Arab Journalists

    Dec 30, 2021Sahar Khamis

    The number of imprisoned journalists worldwide reached a record high in 2021. As one of the  more dangerous regions, the Arab world  poses abundant threats for…

  • Policy Analysis
    JordanRegional Relations and Geopolitics

    Jordan: Uptick in Diplomacy amid Pandora Papers Revelations

    Revelations in the so-called Pandora Papers about King Abdullah II’s substantial real estate acquisitions of luxury homes in the United States and United Kingd…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelMedia and Technology

    The Full Story behind the NSO Hack: The Israeli-Military-Allied Surveillance Industry and Transnational Repression

    Jul 28, 2021Tamara Kharroub

    The recent investigation into the NSO Group exposed a widespread global targeting of journalists and human rights activists and revealed evidence that their sm…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelMedia and Technology

    Systematic Digital Repression: Social Media Censoring of Palestinian Voices

    Jun 8, 2021Tamara Kharroub

    The events of the last few weeks and the escalation of violence in Palestine and Israel have spotlighted the issue of media bias and censorship of Palestinian …

  • Policy Analysis
    Media and Technology

    Media Use and Its Anomalies a Decade after the Arab Spring

    Dec 18, 2020Sahar Khamis

    When the Arab Spring movements erupted in at least six Arab countries in 2011––Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain––they were accompanied by high …

  • Policy Analysis
    Global Health and Health Policy

    The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Arab World: Impact, Politics, and Mitigation

    Arab Center Washington DC's resident and non-resident fellows and scholars investigate and report on the different aspects of the COVID-19 global public health…

  • Policy Analysis
    QatarJustice, Equality, and Human Rights

    In Saudi Arabia, Covering the Khashoggi Murder Is a State Affair

    Aug 13, 2019Connor Echols

    Over the last decade, stories about the potential for freedom of the press in the Arab world have alternated between hopeful and hopeless. The 2011 Arab uprisi…

  • Policy Analysis
    Saudi ArabiaDemocracy and Governance

    The Aftermath of the Khashoggi Murder: Freedom of the Press in 2018

    Dec 21, 2018Tamara Kharroub

    The rise of populism and anti-globalism has contributed to erosion of the international rights system, with governments moving away from accountability and tra…

  • Viewpoint
    LevantJustice, Equality, and Human Rights

    Covering Gaza: Is the Mainstream Media Discourse Changing on Palestine/Israel

    Apr 6, 2018Tamara Kharroub

    As Israeli occupation forces carried out a brutal response against 30,000 Palestinians protesters in Gaza, Washington, DC—and much of the international communi…

  • Viewpoint
    LevantMedia and Technology

    Where on Earth is the Palestinian Press?

    Mar 16, 2018Khalil E. Jahshan

    As a long-term observer of Middle East politics, I have always been intrigued by the surprisingly limited impact exerted by the Palestinian media on Palestinia…

  • Policy Analysis
    EgyptMedia and Technology

    Press Freedom Reversals in Post-Arab Spring Countries

    Dec 18, 2017Sahar Khamis

    Just like the path to democratization and reform has been obstructed or derailed in most of the Arab Spring countries, so has the path to media freedom, in a p…

  • Policy Analysis
    QatarConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    The GCC Crisis: Media, Hacks, and the Emergence of “Cyber Power”

    Jul 25, 2017Tamara Kharroub

    Media tools have been employed heavily in the GCC crisis to suppress freedom of the press and expression, indicating a shift from military and soft power to a …

  • Research Paper
    Media and Technology

    Beyond Trump: Celebrity Candidates, Mediatization of Politics, and US Middle East Policy

    Oct 20, 2015Tamara Kharroub

    The political and media discussions of the presidential campaigns have given great attention to some of the most flamboyant GOP nomination candidates (a.k.a. c…

  • Research Paper
    Media and Technology

    Cyberactivism in the Middle East: Six potentials and six limitations of new media technologies in democratization

    Sep 30, 2015Tamara Kharroub

    The question that has been the center of discussion both in the Arab world and in the West is why now. What role did the new media tools play in motivating, fa…