• Policy Analysis
    IranUS Domestic Politics and Elections

    The US Midterm Elections Spell Further Trouble for the JCPOA

    In November, Americans went to the polls to cast their votes in the congressional midterm elections. In the end, voters dealt a major blow to Republican party …

  • Policy Analysis
    US Domestic Politics and Elections

    US Midterm Elections and Middle East Policy: Divided Government, Divergent Priorities

    Oct 25, 2022Marcus Montgomery

    There remain only two weeks until the 2022 US midterm elections. Candidate lists in most races are set and early voting is under way in several states. The Dem…


Webinars & Events

  • Conferences
    US Domestic Politics and Elections

    Fifth Annual Conference – The 2020 US Election: Domestic and Global Implications

    Sep 21-30, 2020

    Arab Center Washington DC dedicated its fifth annual conference to analysis of the November 3rd US elections, particularly the presidential component. Conferen…

  • Book Talks
    Arab Americans/ Muslim Americans

    America & Islam: Soundbites, Suicide Bombs and the Road to Donald Trump

    Jul 25, 2019

    On July 25, 2019, Arab Center Washington DC hosted award winning journalist and scholar Lawrence Pintak for a book talk on America and Islam.

  • Panel Discussions
    Public Opinion

    U.S. Elections 2016: Arab Public Opinion Poll

    Nov 1, 2016

    Arab Center Washington DC (ACW) conducted a public opinion survey in the Arab world on October 18-28, 2016, asking 3,600 respondents about their views on the U…


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