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    Did the Saudi-Led Oil Deal Diminish Republicans’ 2020 Electoral Chances?

    Apr 15, 2020Marcus Montgomery

    Because the health of the US economy is critical for Donald Trump's reelection hopes, Marcus Montgomery asks if the recent Saudi-led OPEC+ cuts will contribute…

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    Washington Policy Weekly

    I. Congress1) Hearings and BriefingsUS Sanctions’ Impact on Iran’s COVID-19 Crisis. This week, the organization J Street held a webcast to discuss the impacts …

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    IranUS Foreign Policy

    The COVID-19 Pandemic Prompts Debate over Iran Sanctions

    Marcus Montgomery details splits in official Washington about how to deal with Iran at this delicate time of the coronavirus outbreak: some want to offer sanct…

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    LevantEnergy and Economics

    Congress Balks at a Nuclear Riyadh

    The Trump Administration has been working quietly to facilitate a civilian nuclear program in Saudi Arabia, but Congress has qualms about any potential US-Saud…