• Policy Analysis
    LibyaConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    The Conflict in Libya Resurfaces on Washington’s Agenda

    Nov 27, 2019Marcus Montgomery

    Marcus Montgomery discusses the renewed interest in both Congress and the Trump Administration to address the ongoing conflict in Libya and asks whether the Un…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    LevantJustice, Equality, and Human Rights

    Congress Highlights Human Rights Abuses and Humanitarian Crises

    Sep 18, 2019Marcus Montgomery

    Marcus Montgomery highlights congressional work on bringing attention to human rights abuses and humanitarian crises in the Middle East as the Trump Administra…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    LevantRegional Relations and Geopolitics

    Washington Policy Weekly

    Aug 21, 2019Marcus Montgomery

    Marcus Montgomery posits that after Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were barred entry to Israel and the Palestinian territories, will House Democrat…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    IranDemocracy and Governance

    Is Bernie Sanders the Best American Hope for Palestine?

    Senator Bernie Sanders dispatched his advisor to Ramallah last week to speak with the PLO, eliciting support from the pro-Palestine camp. Is Sanders a true all…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    IranConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    While Trump Sides with Haftar, the Rest of Washington Is Unsure

    May 22, 2019Marcus Montgomery

    While President Trump has sided with General Khalifa Haftar, many in Washington are skeptical of the would-be strongman and seek a political solution to the fi…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    IranConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Fallout from Trump’s Iran Strategy

    Apr 24, 2019Marcus Montgomery

    Feeling emboldened by the Trump Administration’s maximum pressure campaign on Iran, some Arab Gulf states look to intensify proxy battles with the Islamic Repu…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    EgyptSecurity and Defense

    In Washington, the IRGC Is Now Like IS

    Apr 10, 2019Marcus Montgomery

    President Trump took the unprecedented step of listing the IRGC as a foreign terrorist organization. A lack of specifics on how to enforce sanctions means that…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    IranUS Domestic Politics and Elections

    Congressional Update – Week Ending September 14, 2018

    Sep 14, 2018Marcus Montgomery

    I. Congress1) LegislationIranian Proxies Terrorist Sanctions Act. This week, a cadre of GOP senators introduced S. 3431 to place pressure on Iraqi militias tha…