• Washington Policy Weekly
    LebanonRegional Relations and Geopolitics

    America First or America Alone?

    Nov 20, 2019Marcus Montgomery

    Marcus Montgomery is skeptical about the Trump Administration’s commitment to multilateral efforts to defeat the Islamic State and secure the Arabian Gulf whil…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    TurkeyUS Foreign Policy

    President Erdoğan Comes to Washington

    Nov 13, 2019Marcus Montgomery

    Marcus Montgomery posits that despite congressional opposition to his visit to the White House, Turkish President Erdoğan was sure to find a warm welcome from …

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    LevantConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Trump’s Decision on Northeastern Syria Still Reverberates

    Oct 23, 2019Imad K. Harb

    President Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria is still a subject of serious discussions in Washington because of its impact on American credibility in the …

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    IranConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Congress Eyes Sanctions after Turkey’s Incursion into Syria

    Oct 17, 2019Marcus Montgomery

    Marcus Montgomery discusses how the US Congress aims to levy even harsher sanctions to force Turkey to cease its operation and withdraw from northeastern Syria…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    IranMigrants, Refugees, and IDPs

    Congressional Update – Week Ending September 8, 2017

    The Senate moves closer to deciding on a State Department budget; Kuwaiti delegation canvasses Washington; Nikki Haley takes aim at Iran deal; and Trump’s trav…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    LevantMigrants, Refugees, and IDPs

    Congressional Update – Week Ending July 14, 2017

    Jul 14, 2017Marcus Montgomery

    The House eyes funding for the Departments of Defense and State; the Tunisian Prime Minister visits Washington; Qatar decries the humanitarian costs of the Gul…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    EgyptConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Congressional Update – Week Ending April 7, 2017

    Apr 7, 2017ACW’s Research & Analysis Unit

    I. Congressional ScheduleThe House has adjourned for the two-week Easter recess and will reconvene on Tuesday, April 25. The Senate is expected to adjourn toda…