• Washington Policy Weekly

    International Legal Pressure on Israel Prompts Sharp Criticism from Biden, Congress

    May 28, 2024Ethan Mayer-Rich

    The May 20 announcement from International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Karim Khan that he had applied to the court for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Mi…

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    US Policy

    House Passes Bill to Force Weapons Deliveries to Israel

    May 20, 2024Ethan Mayer-Rich

    The House passed a bill to force weapons deliveries to Israel in response to the Biden administration’s recent pause on delivering certain offensive weapons to…

  • Washington Policy Weekly

    Biden Announces a Pause on Offensive Weapons as Israel Intensifies Its Attack on Rafah

    May 13, 2024Ethan Mayer-Rich

    President Joe Biden made news last week in an interview with CNN when he announced that his administration will pause the delivery of some offensive weapons to…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    US Policy

    Biden, Congress Criticize Campus Protests Around Country

    May 6, 2024Ethan Mayer-Rich

    President Joe Biden delivered remarks about the growing number of pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses throughout the US, saying “there’s the right to …

  • Washington Policy Weekly

    Washington Policy Weekly

    Apr 29, 2024Ethan Mayer-Rich

    Antony Blinken told reporters that he has confidence in the "many open investigations" into possible human rights abuses committed by Israel in Gaza.

  • Washington Policy Weekly

    Congress Ramps Up Pressure on Iran in Flurry of Legislative Activity

    Apr 22, 2024Ethan Mayer-Rich

    In the wake of Iran’s April 13 retaliatory strike on Israel, the House and Senate replaced last week’s legislative schedule with one almost entirely focused on…

  • Washington Policy Weekly

    Biden Reiterates Ironclad Support for Israel Amid Attack from Iran

    Apr 15, 2024Ethan Mayer-Rich

    The Biden administration swiftly declared its “ironclad” support for Israel following news of Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel, which saw Tehran launch hund…

  • Washington Policy Weekly

    Israeli Strike on Aid Workers Prompts US Criticism

    Apr 8, 2024Ethan Mayer-Rich

    Last week was headlined by news of Israel’s April 1 killing of seven aid workers from World Central Kitchen (WCK), an NGO that has been providing food relief i…