Tamara Kharroub

Tamara Kharroub

ACW Position

Deputy Executive Director & Senior Fellow

Areas of Expertise

Political communications, digital authoritarianism, disinformation, identity politics, women's rights, democracy and human rights, US policy toward Palestine



Tamara Kharroub

Deputy Executive Director & Senior Fellow, Arab Center Washington DC


Tamara Kharroub is the Deputy Executive Director and a Senior Fellow at Arab Center Washington DC. Her research work focuses on the intersection of technology and human rights and democracy in the Middle East and North Africa. She publishes research and policy analysis papers and editorials exploring the role of media and communication technology in the political process including issues of digital authoritarianism and repression, disinformation and information environments, cyber power and geopolitics, surveillance technologies, propaganda and media representation, identity politics online, artificial intelligence and autonomous weapons, and digital rights, in addition to research on Palestine/ Israel and US policy there. Kharroub holds a PhD from Indiana University Bloomington and an MA from the University of Westminster, and is the recipient of several awards and fellowships including Fulbright.