• Policy Analysis
    EgyptRegional Relations and Geopolitics

    The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and Egypt’s Military Options

    Jul 30, 2020Charles W. Dunne

    With talks between Egypt and Ethiopia failing to break the impasse over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Charles W. Dunne evaluates Cairo’s military option…

  • Policy Analysis
    EgyptClimate and Environment

    Water Conflict Between Egypt and Ethiopia: A Defining Moment for Both Countries

    Jun 16, 2020Khalil Al-Anani

    Khalil al-Anani discusses the dispute over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project between Egypt and Ethiopia and argues that it constitutes a turning poin…

  • Policy Analysis
    SudanConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Fractured Power Structure, Peace Talks Hurdles Add to Sudan’s Woes

    Gregory Aftandilian argues that even if a final political deal is reached between Khartoum and the rebel groups in Sudan, a poor economy will continue to worse…

  • Policy Analysis
    AlgeriaProtests and Activism

    Protests in the Arab World: The Second Wave

    Nov 8, 2019Marina Ottaway

    Marina Ottaway argues that protesters in Algeria, Sudan, Lebanon, and Iraq appear to be more sophisticated than those of the 2011 uprisings and understand that…

  • Policy Analysis
    SomaliaConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Will Somalia Share Yemen’s Fate?

    Aug 28, 2019Imad K. Harb

    The UAE’s support of the secessionist leaders of Somaliland and Puntland in realizing their costly dream of independence is likely to throw Somalia and the sur…

  • Policy Analysis
    The Horn of AfricaDemocracy and Governance

    Transitional Period Agreement in Sudan: Opportunities for Success and Threats of Failure

    Aug 26, 2019Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS)

    There remain serious obstacles on the road to secession by Yemen's Southern Transitional Council, especially the contrary aims and programs in the various sout…

  • Policy Analysis
    SudanDemocracy and Governance

    Will the Political Agreement Pave the Way for Democracy in Sudan?

    Jul 23, 2019Abdelkhalig Shaib

    On July 17, 2019, Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the main opposition group, the Alliance for Freedom and Change (AFC), signed a power-sharing …

  • Policy Analysis
    SudanDemocracy and Governance

    Sudan’s Military: Following Egypt’s Playbook?

    Contrary to their opposition to Islamists in Egypt and elsewhere, Saudi Arabia and the UAE do not seem concerned that Sudan’s Islamists are the Transitional Mi…

  • Policy Analysis
    EgyptConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Worrisome Competition in the Red Sea Subsystem

    The Red Sea subsystem involves many capable regional and international actors with competing agendas that, if not reconciled, could increase tensions and lead …

  • Policy Analysis
    The Horn of AfricaDemocracy and Governance

    Sudan’s Long Walk to Freedom: Will the Military Council Cede Power to Civilians?

    Apr 26, 2019Abdelkhalig Shaib

    Sudan’s Transitional Military Council and the opposition may have unintentionally entered into a power struggle and lost sight of the fact that they should hav…

  • Policy Analysis
    SudanJustice, Equality, and Human Rights

    “We are all Darfur!” – Sudan’s Unity Protests Stand a Real Chance. Time for the West to Step Up

    Jan 29, 2019Linda Bishai Azaz Elshami

    A series of student-led protests in Sudan that started in the provinces has quietly grown into a bona fide movement.

  • Policy Analysis
    SudanDemocracy and Governance

    Sudan protests: How did we get here?

    Dec 29, 2018Abdelwahab El-Affendi

    The callous insensitivity of the regime to the people's misery and its preoccupation with getting the president a new term fueled popular anger.