• Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelUS Foreign Policy

    The United States’ Weak Response to the Netanyahu Government

    In December of last year, Benjamin Netanyahu once again returned to the position of prime minister in Israel, leading a new far-right governing coalition that …

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelReligion and Politics

    Evangelical Diversity and Support for Israel

    Apr 11, 2023Mimi Kirk

    Earlier this year, two ultra-Orthodox lawmakers in the Israeli Knesset, United Torah Judaism’s Moshe Gafni and Yaakov Asher, submitted a bill that would make r…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelJustice, Equality, and Human Rights

    Israel’s Policy of Fragmentation Harms Palestinian Hopes for a Sovereign State

    Apr 6, 2023Jonathan Kuttab

    Recent reports by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, and others have labeled Israel an apartheid state. Thi…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelJustice, Equality, and Human Rights

    Discrimination Fuels Intra-Palestinian Violence and Crime in Israel

    Mar 30, 2023Yara M. Asi

    In recent weeks, it has been impossible to miss the protests taking place in Israel against proposed judicial reforms laid out by the country’s new extreme rig…

  • Policy Analysis
    IranSecurity and Defense

    Iran’s Nuclear Program Poses Challenges for China and the United States

    Mar 29, 2023Daniel Brumberg

    Now that China has brokered a renewal of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, it must translate that achievement into real tangible benefits. After all, fo…

  • Policy Analysis
    The Arab WorldUS Foreign Policy

    US Middle East Policy: The Trump-Biden Doctrine in Action

    Mar 22, 2023Charles W. Dunne

    All US presidents, it seems, need their own foreign policy “doctrine.” President James Monroe famously started the trend in 1823, and many others—Truman, Eisen…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelViolent Extremism

    The Rapid and Predictable Rise of Israeli Settler Violence Against Palestinians

    Mar 8, 2023Yara M. Asi

    Huwwara is a small town outside of Nablus that, largely due to its location on a prominent route in the occupied West Bank, has been subject to a significant I…

  • Policy Analysis
    OmanRegional Relations and Geopolitics

    Walking a Tightrope: Oman and Normalization with Israel

    Mar 7, 2023Imad K. Harb

    As the mechanisms of normalization between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan continue to take shape, other Arab states are ponde…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelDemocracy and Governance

    The Settler Colonial Origins of Israel’s Constitutional Crisis

    Feb 22, 2023Yousef Munayyer

    Tens of thousands of Israelis have filled the streets of major cities in recent weeks to protest significant judicial reforms that the new far-right Israeli go…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Annual Palestine Forum: Opening Keynote by Azmi Bishara

    Feb 7, 2023Azmi Bishara

    The Annual Palestine Forum: Considerations and PurposesThis forum, the need for which was given considerable thought, embodies three main considerations.The fi…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelJustice, Equality, and Human Rights

    Israel Sees Palestinian Family Reunification as a Demographic “Threat”

    Feb 2, 2023Yara M. Asi

    In 2015, the Hebrew-language novel Gader Haya (published in English as Borderlife) was banned in Israeli high schools by the Ministry of Education. The book, a…

  • Policy Analysis
    The Arab WorldThe War in Ukraine

    Arab and Israeli Positions on Ukraine War Continue to Frustrate the US

    Jan 18, 2023Charles W. Dunne

    The positions taken by many governments in the Middle East have proven a notable exception to the global groundswell of support for Kyiv.