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    Deja Vu: The dark prospect of Trump 2.0

    Aug 22, 2023Marwan Bishara

    The prospect of Trump’s return to the White House at the helm of the world’s superpower is very real and it is generating deep anxiety and freneticism, notably…

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    Unreliable US leadership in the shadow of elections

    Mar 3, 2023Marwan Bishara

    As a new round of presidential elections gets under way in the United States, much of the world looks with exacerbation at the possibility of yet another major…

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    Will Trump run again … and win?

    Oct 4, 2021Marwan Bishara

    The fear and rage that gripped the US capital under the presidency of Donald Trump have left the country in peril, its democracy ill, and its immunity weak. Tr…

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    The Feats, Fiats and Failures of American News Networks

    Feb 10, 2021Marwan Bishara

    The three main US news networks, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, have enjoyed a roller-coaster ride over the past five years, thanks to one man, Donald J Trump. His p…

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    Trump vs Biden: And the winner is…?

    Oct 9, 2020Marwan Bishara

    The coronavirus pandemic and the Trump presidency that preoccupied the United States and much of the world this year have finally met face to face over the wee…

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    Trump is losing it

    Jun 22, 2020Marwan Bishara

    Marwan Bishara writes that Trump is using psychological warfare against his detractors and that those celebrating his defeat prematurely should beware of his d…

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    The logic behind US humiliation of the Palestinians

    Apr 24, 2019Marwan Bishara

    The Trump administration has launched an all-out diplomatic assault on the Palestinians, while preparing a new initiative to resolve the Middle East conflict.