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    The Saudi-Iran détente and its regional implications

    Mar 12, 2023Marwan Bishara

    On March 10, Saudi Arabia and Iran announced an agreement to restore bilateral relations. The deal was conceived out of need and out of desire: The Saudi-Irani…

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    China, the US and a new scramble for the Gulf

    Dec 7, 2022Marwan Bishara

    China is Saudi Arabia’s biggest trading partner, and the kingdom is China’s largest supplier of oil, so it’s normal for their leaders to meet and talk. But the…

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    Saudi Arabia: Time to face the music

    Dec 9, 2020Marwan Bishara

    Participants at a regional security conference in Manama over the weekend must have been surprised to see former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki Al-Faisa…

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    The End of the Saudi Era

    Sep 22, 2020Marwan Bishara

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's power is on a decline and not even Israel can change that.