Biden and the Middle East: A Challenging Road Ahead


Khalil Al-Anani

Fmr. Senior Fellow

Arab Center Washington DC

Zeina Azzam

Former Publications Editor

Daniel Brumberg

Non-resident Senior Fellow

Arab Center Washington DC

Charles W. Dunne

Non-resident Fellow

Arab Center Washington DC

Zaha Hassan

Human Rights Lawyer and Visiting Fellow

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Diana Moukalled

Lebanese Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker


Tamara Kharroub

Deputy Executive Director & Senior Fellow

Arab Center Washington DC

Event Summary

Arab Center Washington DC (ACW) is pleased to announce the publication of Biden and the Middle East: A Challenging Road Ahead. This compilation of articles by Middle East experts comes as President-elect Joe Biden takes office on January 20th and his administration begins to tackle the myriad political, economic, and social challenges domestically and internationally. The edited volume features analyses of US policy in general and in the Middle East as well as cross-cutting themes, such as democracy and human rights. It pays special attention to issues in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Gulf, and East and North Africa. While the articles focus on the Arab world, writers also discuss non-Arab countries including Iran, Turkey, and Israel. The e-book is edited by Imad K. Harb and Zeina Azzam and includes contributions by ACW resident and non-resident fellows as well as other renowned analysts of the Middle East, several of whom are speaking at this event.

To read the book online, click here


Tuesday January 19, 2021