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  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelUS Domestic Politics and Elections

    The Gaza War Still Can Decide the American Presidential Election

    Latest polls indicate that President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are in a dead heat in the presidential race at this point in the campaign, whi…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelInternational Law

    Is International Law Still Relevant after the Carnage in Gaza?

    Apr 23, 2024Susan Akram John Quigley

    According to the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the death toll in Gaza by Israel’s onslaught has passed 34,000 Palestinians, …

  • Washington Policy Weekly

    Congress Ramps Up Pressure on Iran in Flurry of Legislative Activity

    Apr 22, 2024Ethan Mayer-Rich

    In the wake of Iran’s April 13 retaliatory strike on Israel, the House and Senate replaced last week’s legislative schedule with one almost entirely focused on…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelMedia and Technology

    The Dozen Ds That Drive Israel’s Propaganda 

    Apr 17, 2024Rami G. Khouri

    The past six months of Israeli-Palestinian warfare have witnessed levels of military ferocity, human suffering, societal destruction, and mass political activi…

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  • Featured Speakers
    Climate and Environment

    Navigating Climate Change in the MENA Region

    Apr 23, 2024 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM default

    Climate expert explores the unique challenges and opportunities faced by countries in the Middle East and North Africa as they address the pressing issue of cl…

  • Keynote Conversations
    Palestine/IsraelConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Where Does the Palestinian National Movement Go from Here?

    Apr 18, 2024 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

    Experts discuss the future of the Palestinian national movement amid the Gaza war and the legitimacy crisis of the Palestinian Authority.

  • Book Talks
    Climate and Environment

    Dismantling Green Colonialism

    Apr 17, 2024 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM ET

    Join us to learn about how colonialism has contributed to the deterioration of natural resources in North Africa and the Middle East.

From our Affiliates

  • From our Affiliates
    US Domestic Politics and Elections

    The American Presidential Elections: A Repeat of the 2020 Scenario

    Mar 25, 2024Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies

    On Tuesday, March 12, President Joe Biden and his rival, former President Donald Trump, won the nominations of the Democratic and Republican parties for the US…

  • From our Affiliates
    Palestine/IsraelInternational Law

    The Consequences of Israel’s Failure to Implement Provisional Measures to Prevent Genocide in Gaza

    Mar 12, 2024Nizar Ayoub

    The Israeli government appears to remain determined to storm the Rafah area of southern Gaza, ignoring international demands to refrain from doing so due to th…

  • From our Affiliates
    Palestine/IsraelConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Netanyahu’s Political Calculus and the Future of Israel’s Emergency Cabinet

    Mar 3, 2024Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies

    Netanyahu, is in a position that enables him to disregard the emergency government and to take sole control over war strategy and decision-making and in drawin…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelRegional Relations and Geopolitics

    Canada’s Symbolic Move on Arms to Israel

    Apr 17, 2024Muhannad Ayyash

    On March 18, the Canadian House of Commons passed, by a vote of 204-117, a non-binding motion calling on the federal government to “cease the further authoriza…

  • Viewpoint
    IranConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    A Failed Iranian Performance and Its Repercussions

    Apr 15, 2024Imad K. Harb

    Rare are the occasions when a purportedly capable country’s determined military response to attack turns out to be a mere theatrical performance. Such was the …

  • Policy Analysis
    YemenUS Foreign Policy

    Instead of Houthi Designation, the United States Should Embrace a Comprehensive Approach

    Feb 28, 2024Afrah Nasser

    On January 17, the United States designated the Houthis in Yemen, also known as Ansar Allah, as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) in response to t…

  • Policy Analysis
    UAERegional Relations and Geopolitics

    The UAE and the Red Sea Security Crisis

    Feb 27, 2024Giorgio Cafiero

    Despite the Israeli war on Gaza killing nearly 30,000 Palestinians, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has clung to the Abraham Accords, which it signed with Israe…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelRegional Relations and Geopolitics

    Normalization Survives Despite the Gaza War

    Jan 11, 2024Imad K. Harb

    The current Israeli war on Gaza, now well into its fourth deadly month, has cast a calamitous shadow over the lives of Palestinians and Israelis, as well as ov…

  • Policy Analysis
    The Arab WorldRegional Relations and Geopolitics

    Important Considerations for the Middle East in 2024

    The October 7 Hamas attack on Israel and Israel’s subsequent invasion of the Gaza Strip will play a major role in shaping what unfolds in the Middle East in 20…

  • Policy Analysis
    SudanUS Foreign Policy

    The US and the Sudan Conflict: Motives and Ability to Influence Events

    Jun 27, 2023Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies

    The United States and Saudi Arabia announced on June 17, 2023 that both sides to the conflict in Sudan—the Sudanese Army Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support For…

  • Policy Analysis
    SudanConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    The Sudan Crisis: How Regional Actors’ Competing Interests Fuel the Conflict

    May 11, 2023Khalil Al-Anani

    The outbreak of military clashes between the Sudanese Army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), which have resulted in the deaths of hundreds and t…


  • Fresh Take
    Palestine/IsraelUS Foreign Policy

    Netanyahu’s Reckless Pursuit of His Own Political Survival

    Apr 23, 2024

    Yousef Munayyer discusses Netanyahu's willingness to drag the Middle East region to war in order to save his political future.

  • Podcast
    SudanConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    A Year into Sudan’s War

    Apr 18, 2024

    Reem Abbas and Yousef Munayyer discuss the civil war in Sudan, which started a year ago in April 2023 and has regional actors supporting different sides of the…

  • Fresh Take
    Palestine/IsraelUS Foreign Policy

    Stalemate in Gaza: US Frustration Grows over Unending Conflict

    Apr 15, 2024

    Khalil E. Jahshan discusses US frustration with how Israel conducts its war on Gaza.

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