• Podcast
    SudanConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    A Year into Sudan’s War

    Apr 18, 2024

    Reem Abbas and Yousef Munayyer discuss the civil war in Sudan, which started a year ago in April 2023 and has regional actors supporting different sides of the…

  • Event Video
    SudanConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    The Conflict in Sudan: Will the Humanitarian Ceasefire Translate to a Political Resolution?

    Jun 1, 2023

    Experts discuss the conflict in Sudan and its humanitarian impact, the potential for the recent Saudi-US brokered ceasefire agreement to hold, and the prospect…

  • Expert Interview
    SudanDemocracy and Governance

    Political Turmoil in Sudan: A Conversation with Dr. Abdelwahab El-Affendi

    Nov 4, 2021

    ACW Executive Director Khalil E. Jahshan and Dr. Abdelwahab El-Affendi discuss the current political crisis in Sudan which started when the military deposed th…

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