Arab Women’s Activism and Socio-Political Transformation: Unfinished Gendered Revolutions


Headshot of Sahar Khamis

Sahar Khamis

Associate Professor, Department of Communication

University of Maryland, College Park


Tamara Kharroub

Deputy Executive Director & Senior Fellow

Arab Center Washington DC

About the Book:

Arab Women’s Activism and Socio-Political Transformation: Unfinished Gendered Revolutions
Edited by Sahar Khamis and Amel Mili

This book illustrates how Arab women have been engaging in three ongoing and parallel struggles before, during, and after the Arab Spring, on three levels: the political struggle to pave the road for democracy, freedom, and reform; the social struggle to achieve gender equality and fight all forms of injustice and discrimination against women; and the legal struggle to chart new laws that safeguard both political and social gains. The contributors argue that while the political upheavals were oftentimes more prevalent and visible, they should not overshadow the parallel social and legal revolutions that are equally important, due to their long-term impacts on the region. The chapters shed light on the intersections, overlaps, and divergences between these simultaneous and continuous gendered struggles and unpacks their complexities and multiple implications locally, regionally, and internationally, across different countries and through various phases.


Speaker Bio

Sahar Khamis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland. An expert on Arab and Muslim media, she served as the former Head of the Mass Communication and Information Science Department at Qatar University and as a former Mellon Islamic Studies Initiative Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago. Khamis is a co-author and co-editor of several books: Arab Women’s Activism and Socio-Political Transformation: Unfinished Gendered Revolutions (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), Egyptian Revolution 2.0: Political Blogging, Civic Engagement and Citizen Journalism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), and Islam Dot Com: Contemporary Islamic Discourses in Cyberspace (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009). Additionally, she has authored and co-authored numerous book chapters, journal articles, and conference papers, regionally and internationally, in both English and Arabic. Khamis is the recipient of a number of prestigious academic and professional awards and serves as a member of the editorial boards of several journals in the general field of communication and the more specialized field of Arab and Muslim media. She is a media commentator and analyst, public speaker, and commissioner in the Human Rights Commission in Montgomery County, Maryland. She hosts a monthly radio show on “US Arab Radio,” the first Arab-American radio station broadcasting in the United States and Canada. Khamis is a member of Arab Center Washington DC’s Academic Advisory Board.

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Thursday August 22, 2019