Lebanon and the Beirut Explosions

The Hezbollah-Aoun Political Process Has Failed in Lebanon

Imad K. Harb posits that the resignation of the Lebanese government exposes the failure of the Hezbollah-Aoun political process but opens an opportunity for the creation of a new political system supported by a majority of the people of Lebanon.

The Explosions in Beirut and Their Repercussions for Lebanon

The destruction of the Port of Beirut is a profound event that will have long-term consequences for Lebanon and its economy and, most of all, its people. Read this collective opinion piece from ACW and affiliated scholars and experts.

Lebanon: A Failed State Explodes

Imad K. Harb contends that the failing Lebanese state will only begin to restore its legitimacy when the country’s political elites either step down or alter the way they understand governance and responsibility toward their citizens and others.

Lebanon’s Other Problem: Neutrality in Regional Affairs

Examining Lebanon’s traditional neutrality in regional affairs, Imad K. Harb writes that Hezbollah’s push to follow Iran’s policies is placing the country in a difficult position, especially as it faces the current political and socioeconomic catastrophe.