• Washington Policy Weekly
    IranSecurity and Defense

    Would Trump Really Go to War with Iran?

    Jun 19, 2019Marcus Montgomery

    With multiple miscalculations and missteps that could develop, should we be worried about another war in the Middle East?

  • Policy Analysis
    BahrainMigrants, Refugees, and IDPs

    The Kushner Bahrain Ordeal: Why Are the Palestinians Boycotting?

    May 31, 2019Khalil E. Jahshan

    The proposed US “Peace to Prosperity” workshop in Bahrain is destined to fail because it ignores Palestinian participation and avoids linking economic prosperi…

  • Policy Analysis
    LevantJustice, Equality, and Human Rights

    Insult of the Century: Assessing the Trump Administration’s Peace Plan

    May 30, 2019Yousef Munayyer

    The Trump Administration’s Palestinian-Israeli peace deal, leaked to the press, and the upcoming Bahrain meeting represent an insult to the Palestinians and ar…

  • From our Affiliates
    LevantUS Domestic Politics and Elections

    To be precise: Not Deal, but chutzpah of the Century

    May 15, 2019Azmi Bishara

    The ideas of the 'Deal of the Century' are already a reality, it will simply confer legitimacy on what Israel has snatched by force.

  • Policy Analysis
    IranUS Domestic Politics and Elections

    A US-Iranian Clash Presents Dangers and Opportunities for Russia

    May 10, 2019Daniel Brumberg

    Russia stands to benefit from the current standoff between the United States and Iran because President Putin has built good relations with all parties, which …

  • Policy Analysis
    LevantUS Domestic Politics and Elections

    The First Amendment Blocks Anti-BDS Legislation in the United States

    May 8, 2019Yousef Munayyer

    Developments over the last several months have shown a shift in the battle over the right to boycott Israel in the United States, with the First Amendment pres…

  • Viewpoint
    LevantArab Americans/ Muslim Americans

    What the Ilhan Omar controversies reveal about US politics

    Apr 26, 2019Tamara Kharroub

    The attacks against Omar are part of a larger project to silence voices that advocate for Palestinian rights.

  • External Readings
    LevantJustice, Equality, and Human Rights

    The logic behind US humiliation of the Palestinians

    Apr 24, 2019Marwan Bishara

    The Trump administration has launched an all-out diplomatic assault on the Palestinians, while preparing a new initiative to resolve the Middle East conflict.

  • Policy Analysis
    LevantUS Domestic Politics and Elections

    Can the 2020 Democratic Candidates Change the US-Israel Relationship?

    Mar 6, 2019Yousef Munayyer

    Democratic presidential contenders have a difficult task reconciling their party’s traditional pro-Israel position with that of young and progressive activists…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    LevantSecurity and Defense

    Democrats Grapple with US Role in the Middle East

    Democrats scrutinize the first two years of Trump’s foreign policy and grapple with a new path moving forward. Read this and more from the week in Washington.

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    LevantSecurity and Defense

    Saudi Arabia Between Congress and the Trump Administration

    Feb 27, 2019Marcus Montgomery

    After a brief respite, tempers on Capitol Hill are again starting to flare up over Saudi Arabia, pitting Congress against President Trump. Read about this and …

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    Saudi ArabiaSecurity and Defense

    Washington Policy Weekly

    This week’s legislation focuses on Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and War Powers Resolution; Rep. Engel and Sen. Cruz outline their visions of Congress’s role in foreign…