• Policy Analysis
    IranSecurity and Defense

    Gulf Arab States Still Worried about a US-Iran War

    Gregory Aftandilian argues that Gulf Arab states increasingly view the United States as an unreliable and erratic ally and are urging restraint by Washington a…

  • Imad K. Harb quoted by Al Jazeera regarding the 40th GCC Summit

    Dec 9, 2019Imad K. Harb

    Arab Center Director or Research and Analysis Imad K. Harb was quoted by Al Jazeera regarding the possibility of reconciliation at the 40th GCC Summit. Read mo…

  • Policy Analysis
    The Arabian Peninsula and The GulfThe GCC

    GCC Reconciliation Is Coming, but Pesky Issues Remain

    Dec 8, 2019Imad K. Harb

    A limited reconciliation between parties to the GCC crisis is likely to take place during the upcoming summit in Riyadh. However, certain thorny and serious po…

  • Viewpoint
    The Arabian Peninsula and The GulfThe GCC

    Challenges to Resolving the GCC Crisis

    Khalil E. Jahshan discusses the challenges inherent in a reconciliation between Qatar and the neighboring countries that embargoed it and precipitated the unse…

  • From our Affiliates
    The Arabian Peninsula and The GulfThe GCC

    Is a resolution of the GCC crisis imminent?

    Nov 18, 2019Ibrahim Fraihat

    Ibrahim Fraihat argues that the September 14 attack on Aramco has had a significant effect on Riyadh and has forced Saudi Arabia to revise its policies toward …

  • Joe Macaron interviewed by The Arab Weekly on Saudi-Turkish relations.

    Sep 28, 2019Joe Macaron

    ACW fellow Joe Macaron was interviewed by The Arab Weekly on Saudi-Turkish relations a year after the murder of Jamal Kashoggi. Read more

  • Policy Analysis
    North AfricaDemocracy and Governance

    Tunisia Struggles to Project Foreign Policy Independence

    Aug 22, 2019Daniel Brumberg

    Tunisia’s leaders would do well to balance their hopes for democracy and human rights with the pragmatic exigencies of an independent foreign policy that prote…

  • Washington Policy Weekly
    LevantRegional Relations and Geopolitics

    Middle East States View Congress as a Second-Tier Actor

    Aug 14, 2019Marcus Montgomery

    Middle East states view Congress as a second-tier actor in Washington and have calculated that flattering President Donald Trump is the most effective way to f…

  • Policy Analysis
    QatarConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    The Arabian Gulf Must Not Sleepwalk toward War

    Aug 7, 2019Imad K. Harb

    The volatile situation in the Arabian Gulf has put the region on edge and increased anxiety about intra-Gulf peace, safety of navigation in the strategic Strai…

  • Policy Analysis
    Saudi ArabiaConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Saudi Arabia May Be on Its Own in Yemen

    Jul 15, 2019Imad K. Harb

    The UAE’s withdrawal from Yemen highlights the serious problems facing the war effort there. This situation puts Saudi Arabia in a difficult position and force…

  • Policy Analysis
    Saudi ArabiaConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    The Mecca Summits: Spinning the Wheels on Iran

    Jun 11, 2019Imad K. Harb

    By devoting its three Mecca summit meetings to vilifying and criticizing Iran, Saudi Arabia missed a good opportunity to address the many problems facing the G…

  • Op-Eds

    Imad Harb: The Qatar blockade killed the GCC, but what next?

    Jun 5, 2019Imad K. Harb

    The cruel two-year blockade imposed on Qatar signals the need for a new Gulf entente based on collective action, writes writes Imad K. Harb.Read more