Israel’s Global Isolation: International Decisions in the Wake of the Gaza War


Ahmed Abofoul

International Lawyer; Senior Legal Research and Advocacy Officer, ‎Al-Haq

Susan Akram

Professor, Boston University School of Law

Daniel Levy

President, US/Middle East Project; former Israeli government adviser

Tahani Mustafa

Senior Palestine Analyst, International Crisis Group


Yousef Munayyer

Head of Palestine/Israel Program and Senior Fellow

Arab Center Washington DC

About the Webinar

Israel’s brutal war on Gaza, now in its 9th month, has shocked the conscience of much of the world. During this time, several international decisions have been made against the Israeli government, contributing to its international isolation, including at the International Court of Justice, which is hearing a genocide case brought by South Africa, by the International Criminal Court, whose prosecutor has applied for arrest warrants for Israeli leaders, and by European states, which have recognized a Palestinian state for the first time.

Arab Center Washington DC is convening a panel of experts to discuss the impact of these decisions in the long and short term. What do they foreshadow about the future, and how have Israel and its allies responded to them? How have Palestinians and others responded? How might we see international decisions evolve from here? How can international actors with limited leverage over Israel best contribute to peace?

Featured image credit: International Court of Justice


Thursday June 27, 2024