• Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Six Months of Carnage in Gaza

    Six months of the devastating Israeli war on the Gaza Strip have caused the death and injury of more than a hundred thousand Palestinians, spread starvation an…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Iran’s Resistance Strategy After Israel’s Damascus Attack

    Apr 12, 2024Daniel Brumberg

    Daniel Brumberg discusses whether Iran and Israel are on their way to a direct confrontation after the latter’s attack on the Iranian consulate’s annex in Dama…

  • Policy Analysis
    LebanonConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Hezbollah-Israel War Is Becoming Inevitable, and the United States May Not Prevent It

    Apr 10, 2024Patricia Karam

    Patricia Karam evaluates the possibility of a war between Hezbollah and Israel that would be a major escalation in the Middle East as the United States tries t…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Once Again, Germany Is on the Wrong Side of History

    Apr 9, 2024Salim Cevik

    Since the onset of Israel's war on Gaza, Germany has emerged as one of its most steadfast allies, along with the United States. This alignment is not surprisin…

  • Keynote Conversations
    Palestine/IsraelConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Where Does the Palestinian National Movement Go from Here?

    Apr 18, 2024 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

    Experts discuss the future of the Palestinian national movement amid the Gaza war and the legitimacy crisis of the Palestinian Authority.

  • Policy Analysis
    YemenEnergy and Economics

    Houthi Red Sea Attacks Have Global Economic Repercussions

    Apr 5, 2024Jim Krane

    The Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping present a new phenomenon in geo-economic conflict: a non-state actor using asymmetric warfare not just to fight conventi…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelJustice, Equality, and Human Rights

    “Heartbreak and Heartlessness” in Gaza: Crisis in International Humanitarian Aid

    Mar 28, 2024Yara M. Asi

    In March 2024, after months of watching and funding the active destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure and the degradation of its population, the global powers st…

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    A Return to First Principles: The ‘Day After’ and Palestinian Self-Determination

    Mar 26, 2024Saul Takahashi

    On numerous occasions since October 2023, Israel, the United States, and other countries have outlined their visions for how Gaza, and Palestine as a whole, sh…

  • Fresh Take
    Palestine/IsraelMigrants, Refugees, and IDPs

    The Repercussions of Invading Rafah

    Mar 25, 2024

    Hanna Alshaikh discusses the repercussions of invading Rafah and the futility of Israel's genocidal war on Gaza.

  • Viewpoint
    Palestine/IsraelRegional Relations and Geopolitics

    Whither the Arab World from What is Happening in Gaza?

    Mar 20, 2024Imad K. Harb

    Israel’s war on Gaza has recently entered its sixth straight month with no respite or apparent possibility of a permanent ceasefire that could spare the lives …

  • Policy Analysis
    Palestine/IsraelUS Domestic Politics and Elections

    Gaza and the Battle of Negations in the United States (and Beyond) 

    Mar 14, 2024Daniel Brumberg

    At no point in the history of the Middle East has the Palestinian-Israeli conflict collided with US domestic politics in such a visceral way as today. As multi…

  • From our Affiliates
    Palestine/IsraelConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Netanyahu’s Political Calculus and the Future of Israel’s Emergency Cabinet

    Mar 3, 2024Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies

    Netanyahu, is in a position that enables him to disregard the emergency government and to take sole control over war strategy and decision-making and in drawin…