• Policy Analysis
    LevantUS Foreign Policy

    The UAE-Israel Deal: Exploring the Motives

    Aug 17, 2020Khalil E. Jahshan

    Khalil E. Jahshan explores the political reasons behind the agreement to officially normalize relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, stating th…

  • External Readings
    LevantConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    The UAE makes peace with Israel’s war on the Palestinians

    Aug 14, 2020Marwan Bishara

    After years of informal normalisation, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has finally reached a formal "peace agreement" with Israel that paves the way for a strat…

  • Policy Analysis
    The Arabian Peninsula and The Gulf

    Reflections on Mohammed bin Zayed’s Preferences Regarding UAE Foreign Policy

    Assessing the UAE’s foreign policy, Kristian Coates Ulrichsen contends that Mohammed bin Zayed’s personalistic rather than institutionalist style exposes his c…

  • Policy Analysis
    Saudi ArabiaSecurity and Defense

    Can Saudi Arabia and the UAE Develop National Arms Industries?

    Jul 22, 2020David B. Des Roches

    With a speed rarely seen in history, the Gulf Arab states have evolved from mere afterthoughts of colonialism to advanced countries. Located in a strategic reg…

  • Policy Analysis

    By Hedging, the UAE Abandons the Palestinians

    Jul 17, 2020Imad K. Harb

    Imad K. Harb writes that the UAE’s hedging strategy explains its headlong openness on Israel. It is thus abandoning the Palestine question just as the Israeli …

  • Viewpoint
    Saudi ArabiaConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    A Unified Yemen May Soon Cease to Exist

    Apr 27, 2020Imad K. Harb

    With President Hadi too weak to respond to the self-rule declaration by the UAE- supported Southern Transitional Council, and Saudi Arabia too economically tro…

  • Policy Analysis
    QatarConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Is a resolution of the GCC crisis imminent?

    Nov 18, 2019Ibrahim Fraihat

    Ibrahim Fraihat argues that the September 14 attack on Aramco has had a significant effect on Riyadh and has forced Saudi Arabia to revise its policies toward …

  • Policy Analysis
    Saudi ArabiaConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    The Riyadh Agreement on Yemen: Arrangements and Chances of Success

    Nov 18, 2019Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS)

    The Riyadh Agreement’s success will depend in large part on the local parties’ conviction that it serves their purposes at this time more than continued war do…

  • Op-Eds

    Imad K. Harb: Is Peace Coming to Yemen?

    Nov 17, 2019Imad K. Harb

    Saudi Arabia has taken decisive steps to eliminate divisions among allied Yemeni forces and engage the Houthis.Read more

  • Video
    The Arabian Peninsula and The GulfConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    The Future of Yemen: Implications of the UAE Withdrawal

    Oct 8, 2019

    Imad K. Harb discusses the current state of the Yemen civil war and the implications of the UAE's decision to withdraw from the country.

  • Policy Analysis
    Saudi ArabiaConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    A Crumbling Saudi-Emirati Alliance in Yemen May Change US Gulf Policy

    Sep 4, 2019Charles W. Dunne

    The UAE's backing of Yemen’s southern separatists has angered Saudi Arabia and helped lead to a reevaluation of American policy toward the conflict. More volat…

  • Policy Analysis
    The Arabian Peninsula and The GulfConflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Conflict in Aden: Implications of the Pro-Hadi Forces’ Defeat

    Aug 26, 2019Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS)

    There remain serious obstacles on the road to secession by Yemen's Southern Transitional Council, especially the contrary aims and programs in the various sout…