The Strategic Feasibility of a US Pivot Away from the Middle East


Headshot of Imad K. Harb

Imad K. Harb

Director of Research and Analysis

Arab Center Washington DC

Headshot of Khalil E. Jahshan

Khalil E. Jahshan

Executive Director

Arab Center Washington DC

Tamara Kharroub

Deputy Executive Director & Senior Fellow

Arab Center Washington DC

Topics to be discussed

  • Pivoting to East Asia: The US Political Rationale
  • The Military Dimension of Rebalancing Away from the Middle East
  • The Economic Dimension: Pivoting Away from the Middle East
  • Current US-China Relations and the Pivot to Asia
  • US Pivot in the context of Great Power Competition: A New Multipolar Global Order?
  • What Alternatives do the Arab States have?
  • The US-Israel Nexus
  • The United States and the Arabian Peninsula
  • The United States and Egypt
  • The Case of Syria: Russia, Iran, and a Turning Point in US Policy
  • Is there a Pattern in US Involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya?
  • US Retreat on Commitments to Human Rights and Democracy
  • Iran and the US Pivot Away from the Middle East

*Additional speakers to be announced.


Thursday May 18, 2023