Duration: 4 months
Hours: Variable from 5 to 20 hours/week
Location: Remote
Compensation: $15/hour
Future outlook: The possibility of a 4-month internship extension

The Research Intern’s primary responsibility is to provide assistance and support for the center’s research, editing, and writing projects, in addition to supporting the staff in planning and implementing research-related activities.

Key responsibilities:

  • Search for source materials for analysis papers.
  • Collect and summarize relevant literature and sources, and prepare literature reviews.
  • Contribute to the writing and preparation of papers (analyses, reports, updates, etc.).
  • Research, monitor, and document developments in Middle East issues.
  • Attend and report on external events and hearings related to the Middle East.
  • Help in proofreading, fact-checking, and editing written work.
  • Help in data management and presentation (e.g., archiving, diagrams, fact sheets, etc.).
  • Maintain and update the calendar of external events pertaining to Middle East issues.
  • Track media coverage of Middle East issues, and contribute to creating news briefs.
  • Assist in the planning and implementation of events.
  • Perform other administrative and logistical tasks as directed.

Additional Requirements:

  • Must meet all general requirements.
  • Previous experience in writing and research


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